The Girl Behind the Keyboard

 I’m Lindsay, although most call me Linds. I am a former journalist-turned-lawyer, but my passion for writing has never ceased. I maintain a blog to fill a void of self-expression that I feel since departing from the world of newsreporting. Today, I report news on a much more local scale – my own life and adventures! I try never to take life, or myself too seriously.

I have never been able to sit still for any extended period of time. This has applied to all aspects of my life – including my living situation. I grew up in a the sleepy, yet picturesque Gulf Coast of Florida, where I relished in sunshine and long weekends spent boating. Although it was a great place to grow up, it was never enough to quench my thirst for new culture. I attended college at the University of Florida, and again for law school. The university hosted some of the best years of my life – although the location was one almost completely void of culture (unless you count Gator football as culture. ) I peppered my seven-year college career with escapes of every variation. From weekend trips, to a semester living in Rome, I spent every dollar I ever made and every day off just going somewhere, anywherePressLounge1

I currently reside in New York City – where I moved on a whim almost two years ago and never returned. So far, it’s been the only place able to hold my attention for longer than a year. Perhaps I am so captivated by this city because without having to leave this tiny island, it always feels like I am traveling – wandering into new neighborhoods, trying new foods and constantly interacting with new people. My lifestyle is rich with experiences I could never have imagined from the tranquility of the South. Sometimes it’s enriching, sometimes exhausting, sometimes it’s comical, but it’s always interesting. I feel like I grow and learn something new everyday, and I truly love sharing my experiences!

I have spent the greater portion of my adult life searching for the next adventure. If you’d like to see where my quest has lead me lately, feel free to follow along and leave me comments!

Love always,