The Girl Behind the Keyboard

I’m Lindsay, although most call me Linds. I am a former journalist-turned-attorney, but I’ve never been able to quell my passion for writing about the world as I see it. I blog to fill a void of self-expression that I have felt since departing from the world of newsreporting. Today, I report news on a much more local and personal scale – my own life and adventures!

I am a restless soul who has never been able to sit still for any extended period of time. This has applied to all aspects of my life – including my living situation. I grew up in a the sleepy, yet picturesque Gulf Coast of Florida, where I relished in sunshine and long weekends spent boating. My family fostered my passion by living modestly so we could amazing trips together during my teens; sleeping in treehouses in Belize, and sailing the Greek islands. They planted the seed that never stopped growing. I attended college at the University of Florida, and again for law school. Gainesville hosted some of the best years of my life – although the location was one almost completely void of culture (unless you count Gator football as culture. ) As a full time student, I worked two (sometimes three) side jobs to be able to fill my seven-year college career with escapes of every variation, from weekend camping trips, to studying and living abroad in Trastevere, Rome. I have spent every dollar I ever earned and every day off just going somewhere, anywhere!  PressLounge1

I spent the better part of my 20s as a resident of New York City living out my dreams and becoming the ultimate cliche: a small town girl who left on a whim to take her shot at big city life. In NYC, I made it my mission to absorb all of the cultural experiences that I could never find outside the wildly diverse metropolis. I indulged my creativity writing memoirs and blog posts in cozy coffee shops at every opportunity when I was not pulling late nights building my career as a litigator. Once I felt that I had truly achieved my goals of conquering the city and experiencing all the richness of the lifestyle, I returned to my roots to start a new chapter. I traded skylines for the tranquility of the shorelines of the Sunshine state.

I have moved around a lot, and reinvented myself a bit each time. Despite where I’ve lived, the only constant is that I live to travel. My life is one perpetual countdown to my next adventure. I have the spirit of a wanderlusting backpacker, balanced by my very structured day job. My method of travel has evolved over the years. When I was penniless, I crashed in hostels and lived off street food. I once slept in an airport terminal for days when my funds ran dry after being pickpocketed. Starting this way gave me a different perspective and appreciation for adventure. These experiences made me a huge proponent of the fact that traveling does not have to be lavish to be incredible, and you can travel with significantly less than you think.  Today, I have more means to plan my adventures, but I still aim to keep every experience authentic (which means I almost exclusively stay in AirBnbs, take public transportation abroad, make friends with locals whenever I do, and only dine in places that are not tourist-centric.)

I live by the mantra that travel is the best investment you can make in yourself. I genuinely feel like I’ve grown and learned something new each time I’ve explored a new place, and I truly love sharing those experiences! If you’d like to see where my quest has lead me lately, feel free to follow along and leave me comments!

Love always,